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Pookkattikara Karamukku Temple

The famous Pookkattikara-Karamukku Temple is situated 5 kilometer from Vadakkumnathan Temple under Thrissur corporation. Through Ernakulam route or Thrissur - Kodungallur route the temple can be reached. Pookkattikkara - Karamukku Temple is built around paddy fields accompanied by the 2 acres wide "Karamukku Pond" a reservoir which is very helpful for perennial water supply for residents of the area and for sacred bath for devotees.

This temple is a multi temple viz, Pookattikkara Siva temple & Karamukku Bagavathy temple. The earlier temple was in the southern side of the "Pookattikkara" village and brought to this place. Lord Parasurama brought some Namboodiri families from north Malabar to do the "Poojas" of Sri Vadakkumanatha temple. It is believed that this family brought their family deity "Lord Siva" along with them and hence the Pookattikkara temple. Karamukku Bagavathy is one among the 108 Durgalayas made by Bargava Rama. The Karthiyani Devi along with her brother Krishna is the main deities of karamukku temple. Edampiri Ganapathy, Nandi (the holy bullock) and Siva are the deities of "Pookattikkara" Temple. When this is combined the Pookattikkara-Karamukku temple. Two prominent double Vatta SreeKovil (holy shrines), and another single Vatta Sreekovil is the the miniature of Sree vadakkumanatha temple. The three (two big and one small) Balikallus shows the importance of this temple.

Prathishta Sankalpam: Karthiyani

'Lord Vishnu' was reborn as a child of Devaki as Sree Krishna and at the same time 'Adi Parasakthi' took birth as a daughter to Yasoda. As directed by the Lord, Vasudevan exchanged the children and King Kamsa saw a female child born to his sister. As his usual practice, Kamsa wanted to kill this daughter also by striking it against the rock. When he lifted the child by her feet in his attempt to strike on the rock, the beautiful child escaped from his hand by pushing herself by kicking on the shoulders of Kamsa and flew away in the space. This is the Prathista Sankalpam.

Bimbam: Pure Crystal

Mahavishnu: Lord Krishan used to do the daily worship of Mahavishnu at his residence in Dwaraka. The Vigraha of Vishnu temple is the replica of this worshiped as Krishna.

Bimbam: Sila

HISTORICAL BACK GROUND: It is believed that, the "Khara Maharshi" who was the chief architect of many temples in Kerala was doing his "tapasya" here.

Another story is connected with Ramayana. Khara, the Asura warrior specialized in bow & arrow, challenged Lakshmana, for misbehaving his half-sister Surpanaka. The battle lasted for few days and finally khara was defeated and hided in the large pond for days to heal. Hence the name "Kharamukku". Kharamukku turned to karamukku.

It is rumored that Sakthan Tampuran used to take his bath in this pond while he was living in disguise at Maliyekkal house and Thampuran had a soft corner to this temple complex. That is how, the more than 20 acres of paddy fields were owned by Karamukku temple.

This temple is the holy sum of three divine powers, Saiva, Vaishnava, Saktheya.

Apart from Thrissur pooram Mahasivarathri, Ashtamirohini, Thiruvathira, Kucheladinam, Ganesh Chathurthi and Thriarthika are main attraction of this temple complex.

Two other private temples also founded here i.e. Ollukkavu "Sapthmathru Kshethram" and Madhavapuram Sreekrishna Temple. One big computer training centre, schools, hospitals, chetana studio (film and sound recording studio) are housed here.

The ooralans were Mudarappilly, Kossery, Vattekkat, Eravimangalam namoodiries. The Sakthan thampuran destroyed vateekatt mana and captured this temple by the beauty & proud of this temple.

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Karamukku Pooram

Karamukku Pooram 2015

On the seventh day after Tantric Poojas. Karamukku Bhagavati's "Ezhunnallippu" starts Pooram muhurtham at 5am. Along with "Nadaswram" and Nadapandi, the Ezhunnallippu reaches Kulassery temple. The panchavadyam with more than 60 members and 3 elephants the possession reaches "Manikanatanal Pandal" at 8 O' clock. The Pandymelam with more than 100 artists and 9 elephants fully decorated begins. This is the curtain raiser of famous "Elinjitara Melam". The Pandimelam will be over by 9.30 a.m. at "Sreemoolastanam" and the deity go inside temple to pay respects to Lord Vadakkumanathan and exit to Southern gopuram.

The Ezhunnallippu rounds the statue of Sakthan Thampuran and returns to Kulassery Temple. In the evening 7p.m the same process repeated up to 10pm with 9 elephants with 100 artists playing drum. Night pooram ends by 10pm at "Sreemoolastanam". Bhagavathy returns after completing pooram at 11pm.

After proper rest in the day by evening after "Aarrattu" at Karamukku pond. "Utram Vilakku" Ezhunnallippu begins with 3 elephants. Pandy melam and fire works are the main attractions which is up to 10 P.M. With Tantric Pooja and Utram Pattu the curtain falls this year's pooram. Flag at temple and at Ollukkavu junction hoisted by devotees are driven down by the elephant with great jubilisation.


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