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Know the Elephant and love it

Caution: An Elephant is a wild Animal. It cannot be domesticated. The wild may surface at any moment

normally walk about 4 m/h but runs @ 30-40km/h for a short lap

Love to swim for long distances

can stand 16-18 hrs.

stomp when they walk but are well balanced

Amazing memory power

Sense of smell is excellent and remembers some life long

Hearing is poor but able to receive subsonic sound at a distance of 10Km

Clear vision is limited to 10m

Fully grown up weighs about 7T and reaches 3-3.5 meters high

may live up to 75 plus

They warn, greet, show distress, give signals through growls, roars, grunts, trumpeting etc.

One tusk will be shorter than the other and rely upon a dominant tusk.


18 - 20 white nails

3 - 3.5m high and 4 - 6mt weigh

Long coiled to earth proboscides.

Pillar type short legs with long body

curved up v type tusk

projected forehead

Rounded, long but not touching the earth tail with thick hairs at the end

Jet black in color

Crystal clear eyes

Pink dots on the ears and forehead.

Ears should touch while fanning

The Healthy

Proboscides will be always on alert often moving like a periscope.
Tails will be always on move.
Slow and steady fanning
Always on four, lies down for 2-3 hrs sleep in early hrs.
Takes 200-250 liters of water and eats @ 5% of body weight.

The Aged

The faded color and dots
Hollow cheeks and Narrowing legs.
Curling ears and dull eyes
Low in take.
Tail piece:



Legendary Guruvayoor Kesavan - A Kerala elephant with no parallels. The gem of an elephant with its remarkable strength, gentle manners, extra ordinary intelligence, huge proportions and majestic bearings was subject to very many stories and full length feature film. True to his deep piety to lord Guruvayoorappan, the most auspicious ekadasi day - 2nd December 1976 - Kesavan fell ill and left to his heavenly abode. He was 72. The AIR broadcasted, Kesavan's departure by interrupting the live telecast of "Chembai sangeethotsava" to add his sagacity. Every year prior to Guruvayoor ekadasi, on Navami day, all elephants(60 odd) in the elephant sanctuary take a procession to the life size statue of Kesavan at Sreevalasm compound, pays their homage to the departed leader. Another rare and unique sight.

Oorakathamma Thiruvadi Kshethram Pooram

Some Prominent Elephants of Yester Years

Kavalappara Komban, Panthal Manickan, ValiyaRavi, Cheriya Ravi, Paliyam Chandrasekharan, KoodapuzhaManikyan, Chengaloor Manikyan, Kollengode Ayyappan, Kachamkurichi Kesavan, Panamanna Ramachandran, Kudalattuppuram Ramachandran, Nedumbully Komban, Pattambhi Narayanan




Renowned Elephants in Kerala

Guruvayur Valiyakeshavan

Thechikotukavu Ramachandran

Thiruvambadi Siva Sundar

Paramekkavu Sri Padmanabhan

Guruvayoor Padmanabhan

Chirakkal Mahadevan

Mullath Ganapathy

Nanu Ezhuthachan Sreenivasan

Olarikkara Kalidasan

Cherpulassery Parthan

Athira Vinod

Adiyat Ayyappan

Utoly Rajasekharan

Utoly Padmanabhan

Chirakkal Kalidasan

Gurujiyil Ananda Padmanabhan

Kuttanellur Padmanabhan

Kuttankulangara Sreenivasan

Nandhilath Padmanabhan

Thiruvambadi Chandrasekharan

Thiruvambadi Ramabhadran

Thiruvambadi Arjunan

Thuruvambadi Unnikrishnan

Thuruvambadi Lakshmi

Paramekkavu Narayanan

Paramekkavu Rajendran

Paramekkavu Devidasan

Bastian Vinayasundar

Guruvayur Indrasen